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Getting Started

This method of putting together your DNN extension projects can be best illustrated by looking at the DNNExtensions repository at Github.

  1. Download the latest release
  2. Create a directory on your development system (i.e., C:\Web\Development\)
  3. Unzip the latest release into this folder
  4. Set DNN permissions on the Website folder
  5. Install DNN there like you always do
  6. Beginning creating and setting up your projects.
  7. (Optional) Add a solution file to tie all of your projects together

Setting Up Your Projects

Development Process

Using this method, the following steps will always be necessary, even for non-code files like CSS. This is because you're building outside of your website.
  • Get latest code as needed (if using source control)
  • Make necessary changes to code
  • Build the respective project
  • View & test the changes in the website

Release Builds

Debug builds will simply copy the required project files into your website, in the appropriate place. If you build in Release mode, one or more zip files (a.k.a., Packages) will be created and added to your website in the following folder.
  • Modules - ~/Install/Module/
  • Skins - ~/Install/Skin/
  • Skin Objects - ~/Install/Module/
  • Widgets - ~/Install/Widget/

Please Note: The widget folder is not a core DNN folder.

Additional Documentation

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